How to make money from youtube

Youtube is a best place for getting traffic and earning money. When youtube started people mostly used the youtube for their entertainment but now the days it is more popular like search engines like google and yahoo. Whatever people want they searching and trying to find it through youtube. You can earn money from your youtube videos based on views. Sometime you heard about that a father upload his sons video (charlie bit my finger) one bite another one finger and it was got more viewed and earned lot of money.

4 ways to make money from youtube

1. Monetize your youtube videos

When you are uploading your videos to youtube monetize your videos. This is the first method like google adsense program. When you are watching the videos in youtube you can see there will be an popup ads in the bottom or on any of a side and there will be running an ads before or in the middle of youtube videos. This is the adsense program when anyone click on that ads you will get paid small amount of money based on views.

2. Create video about your business

When you are monetizing videos remember one thing your are routing viewers to others website. When they click on popup ads they are visiting others website and you getting small amount of money. If you have own business just create videos and route viewers into your business. This is the most best way to get traffic easily for your business and most important place to talk about your business. You can give your website information or contact information in videos or you can use the bottom area (discussion area) of videos.

3. Find sponsors for your youtube channel

You can create youtube channel easily for whatever you want for example cooking channel, tutorial channel, entertainment channel etc. Sponsors will approach you while your channel becoming popular. Sponsor will pay you to talk about their business or advertise in your youtube channel because you are popular and you will have certain amount of daily viewers.

4. Promote affiliate products in youtube videos

Another best way to make money from youtube is promoting affiliate products. You have been using products everyday but some of them you will love it. It is pretty simple talk about the product which you like and talk about advantages of using it then get the affiliate product link and promote in your videos. You can get more money than monetizing your videos for promoting affiliate products. In your video or in discussion area give your affiliate link when viewers click it and buy it you will get paid.

It is easy to start and setup. You need decent video camera, quality micro phone but now the days micro phone attached with video camera, lighting system if you want and backside screen (It is better to choose the white color screen for back drops).

When you uploading videos you have to follow some ideas to get more viewers of your video. Title is an important it should be very attractive and it should tell why they watch your video. Choose better keyword for your video how people using the wording to find your video and choose attractive image for your video.

It is easy to start youtube channels. There are lots of videos in youtube without copyrights so you can modify them to attract the viewers and upload in your youtube channel and make them popular.

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