Earn money from writing and translating

If you have great knowledge in translation or writing and if you want to work in online this is the best place to join free elance.com, freelancer.com you can find lots of online jobs for translators and writers.

Translators convert written materials from one language to another language. To do this, the translator must be able to write sentences that maintain or duplicate the structure and style of the original meaning, keeping the ideas and facts exact original meaning.Translators must read the original language fluently. Usually only translate into their mother tongue. Almost all translation work is done on a computer, and translators receive and present most tasks electronically. Most of the people from USA and Canada can speak write two languages one is English and other one is their native language. There are people need your help to translate from English to your native language and Your native language to English.When your relatives or your country people are coming to Canada or USA they will have to translate documents to English and sometime they will have to translate their emails to understand in their languages so you can help them and you charge for this service. And some of the companies has been paying for translating emails, documents, books and subtitles of movies.

There are lots of writing jobs in online for writer. You can earn money for writing stories, articles, helping scripts to improve others articles and writing blog posts. Some one looking for people to create blog posts because they can create a website but they don’t have knowledge about writing blog posts. Someone has written books but they don’t have enough content or may be they will have to improve those books so you can help them for bring the maximum quality of content. For these stuffs you can earn money from freelancer’s website. You can sell your articles via www.articlesale.com too.

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